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Keep it or convert it?


Coin or Cash?  

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  1. 1. Should I sell this or keep this?

    • Keep it; it's a nifty coin which you probably won't find again for $.20 US
    • Keep it; pesos are going up in value and you can sell it later for greater value if needed
    • Sell it; you don't really collect world coins anyway.
    • Sell it; pesos are going down in value
    • Sell it: to me!
    • Other - please let me know, thanks!

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With my luck, it isn't really money, but something just for fun.


Anyway, I found this in the foreign bin at the coin shop down the road, noted that $1000 pesos would be more than .20 US and bought it just in case. Now I'm in a quandry - should I keep it, because it is a coin so high in value and probably relatively uncommon, or should I get it converted into $90 US and use it to buy US coins, something I know something about (I only dabble in world coins)?


Thanks for your input!

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Sorry to burst the bubble, but Mexico did a 1000/1 conversion in the early 1990's, 1000 old pesos = 1 new one. It is only worth a few cents, probably more in metal value now. :ninja:



^^^ What he said.

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Aww, thought it was too good to be true :ninja:


Besides, I showed it to the guy I bought it from and he made no move to take it back. I guess that means I'm keeping it; no big dilemma anymore. Thanks guys!

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I'll through in my pesos and we may be able to get a really small cup of Coffee.

The three bi-met pieces are current legal tender in Mexico. The post-reform coins first said N$ (nuevo/s peso/s) while the newer ones just say $ (peso/s) again. So those $8 would be about 70 to 75 cents in terms of US dollars ...


Here is a neat (English) list of Mexican coins:


Older Coins which can still be redeemed (old pesos) or used (new pesos):



Current Coin Series:



From my experience, the 1, 2, 5 and 10 $ coins are pretty common in circulation. The lower values (centavos), well, not really. And the 100 pesos commems are not issued for circulation AFAIK; paper money starts at 20 pesos.



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