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My awesomely toned Canadian quarters.


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Story behind these is my parents went coin shopping with me at the store near where they lived (this was late November). I was digging through some junk bins, dad was checking out the U.S. stuff, and mom was just wondering around. As we were leaving the store my mom said "how did these get this color" or something to that effect. So I explained and told her that would be a cool set to have.


I come home in mid-December and return to the shop only to find the set is now sold. Kind of ticked me off as I knew I should have bought it.


Come Christmas I open up a box of coin supplies at at the very bottom is:




The set I wanted! Mom and dad went back to the shop after I went back home and bought it for me. Sneaky people.



So today during my lunch break at school I decided to finally unpack all my 2x2's and various other supplies. Figured while I had this out I might as well photograph the two awesome toners.


First is a beautiful 1967 Quarter. Great pinks and purples all over this coin.




The last one is a 1965 Quarter. This is rather stunning in person. I'll let the photo do the talking.



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Hahaha! I was waiting for that.


Well deadpoint toned coins can be rather cheap. Look into Canadian coins (being completely honest here). Some tone unattractively but others tone just wonderful. They don't command insane prices like U.S. coins do.


The set above was listed for less than what two gallons of gas cost in my area. Well worth it.

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Neat! It's unusual to find larger silver coins (>10c) in one of those sold-on-tv/mail order type sets.


They had a Bahamas set in a similar type case. Can't remember what they wanted for it, maybe 1.5x melt value or so. That shop has a hard time selling world coins of any type. Probably have a few more sets just sitting in the cases. Those things are packed full of various "sets" from different mints.


Quick question: The 5c and 10c pieces have "green flakes" around the rim. Is this PVC damage? I'll try to get a picture of it tonight. None of that is on the 25c pieces.

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