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Jefferson error

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I had this one graded recently and the results leave me with more questions than answers. It's obvious that it's been struck on a straight clip planchet...but what kind of planchet. The coin is in a holder meant for a US quarter and fits nicely, but the planchet is not reeded. The planchet seems a bit thinner than a US nickel planchet and if it is on a nickel planchet, how can the planchet having the same basic radius of a quarter be explained. I'm not even going to mention that the grade seems to be a bit too conservative. Any ideas?






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Did you weigh it before you sent it in, i.e. does it weight less than a normal nickel. It would seem that if it is a straight clip from a normal sheet of nickel material, then it should be less than a normal nickel. Given the general appearance, it must have been struck outside the collar (obviously) and not centered (again obvious), but where I'm going is to ask did that help distend the metal and create the enlarged misshapen appearance. The alternative in my mind is that it is not a straight clip, rather a piece of scrap from the stamping process that ended up in the hopper.


Thats my best guess.

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