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Finalists for Arizona quarter design are unveiled


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The Arizona motto "Grand Canyon State" is already engraved on our minds, and it is likely to be engraved on our quarters, as well.


Three of the final five designs of Arizona's quarter feature the motto, and a scenic overview of the Grand Canyon itself is depicted on two of them. Two of the designs feature a stately saguaro, which is either an icon or cliche depending on how long you've lived in the desert. And two of the designs represent history (John Wesley Powell's Grand Canyon expedition) and culture (Navajo Code Talkers).


Arizona Republic article:





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I see 3 as being the chosen one but 5 is the least cliched design and the one that merits the most respect.


4 is too cartoonish


Of the first 3 designs, 3 is the most coinable (physically) I would guess.


If 2 is chosen, the DDR hunters will love it.


If 5 is chosen, expect to see extra-leaf varieties.


And I can't figure out which, for the life of me, would wear the best.

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