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Double die classification system


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After spending some time looking for varieties on coppercoins.com, I saw the different classes of double dies listed for each variety. I have looked everywhere on the site and on other sites and I cannot figure out what the classes mean! Can anyone help me?



For example, here is a 1995-D DDO that is listed as Class 2 AND 6.

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I too wondered about that. I have both books from the guy that made that web site. Then I did the smart thing. I asked HIM. Go to coppercoins.com web site and look for the contact us type of thing. His name is Charles D. Daughtrey. He had become very famous lately for his involvement in such things as classifications of errors and just all Lincoln Cents. He is in the process of another book now. However, he is still always willing to answer such questions. In fact I asked the same thing and got an answer right away. As he noted the explanations were cleverly hidden all over the first pages in his books. From what I've heard he is the one that started this classification. I'm sure they are also available somewhere on the web site. Just ask Chuck.

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