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I decided to go thru my morgans trying to id other vams in my set. So far out of 10 checked I've turned up 3 clashed dies. A gsa 1883 cc , A gsa 1884 cc with the clash at the neck and reverse by the right wing. A 1887 with the clash by the right wing. I really need to pick up one of those usb microscope cameras. I'll be updating omnicoin for awhile.


BTW, thanks to Mr Lee for his posting of die clashes on morgan dollars.

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Found another, a 1890 p clashed die and ID'ed one of my 1884 o's as a vam 13 O over O high center.


Side note here. Any suggestions on a one place/book to get for the best coverage of morgan vams? I've got Van Allen and Mallis's book. Also looking at vamworld and the vam update on line. This is going to take a long time. :ninja:

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Still going thru morgans. These have already been gone thru before but doing a another exam of them. 1897 struck thru "grease"? error at neck. 1885 O Slight die clash at reverse right wing. This next one shows you to even look at the graded coins. 1883 o I had already spotted the slight (10 degree) die rotation on it but also found a dash under the second 8. Neither was noted on the slab. Which shows up as a vam 8 or 43 according to where I look. A 1881 with a double date. Shows up in the top left of the first 8. I have not found a vam number on this yet. 1883 with a slight die clash by the reverse right wing.

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Okay, not the way I'd really like to take pictures, but..


1883 doubled "United"




I don't have a stand for the camera or remote so this was taken free handed. After 20+ shots I got 2 decent.


I could not find a vam number for this one either. I may try taking shots of some of the others but that was an ordeal just for one shot.

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Okay, last run. I thought I ran thru the coins pretty well a while back but...

1889 o vam 4 O mint mark centered high.

1884 o Die crack and die clash reverse right of right wing

1888 Die clash top of right wing and right of right wing

1888 Vam 2 "Near high date"

1889 clashed die obverse at neck and behind cap. Also appears to be at least doubled maybe triple clashes on reverse top of left wing and right of right wing. The one behind the cap is a pretty good imprint of the wreath.


Now anybody else? Give it a try you may be surprised also.

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I only have a handfull of common date/mints : (


I'm a bad collector for not having caught the Morgan bug yet.



Most of the error/vams I've found so far are common dates. The 1883 is about as common as you can get. With the double I'm not sure what kind of rarity. Anybody got a breen or other book that lists this?


BTW take a look at your peace dollars and the top 50 vams to see if you have any matches.

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wow. thanks for the great site! :ninja:


It was in this thread (I think) that I learned that I don't need to shell out money on the VAM book to learn what some of the major varieties are. It is now bookmarked in my Peace Dollars bookmark folder. I can't wait to get back home to sift through them all and see if there is some variety waiting to be found.


thanks again, Mark! And I can't wait to see more pics. (I'll have to check out USB microscope cameras to upgrade my photography skills.)

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