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1978 quarter error of some kind?

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Since joining this forum all the way back a couple days ago, i was inspired to look through all the coins in my collection to see if i could spot anything strange/errorish and i came across this american 1978 quarter


It has a lot of wear and im not really sure yet of what im looking for, but the valley that runs around just inside the ridge of the coin seems a bit weird (cuts through most letters in liberty deepish looking around the sides and cuts a few times into the 1 in the 1978) Sorry about the fairly large pics. still figuring out what size/details help the most.





and some fill seems to be missing, but then i dont exactly know what im looking for




If any one can tell me anything about these, or tell me im imagining things, that would be appreciated

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The "valley" appears to be marks from some automated counting machine usage. If the reeding is heavily worn it could be a slot machine quarter. Just a guess from the pics.

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