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A Couple More Large Cents...


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Now here's the kind I like, enjoy. Along with colonials (which I think are not only historically cool but are far more scarce than federal mint issues), I prefer scarce and rare coins. As I've said, you can drive yourself broke buying common coins, but you may go many shows and auctions before a truly rare piece comes up.


Yes, the 99 is real. It's S188, the 9/8, R4, maybe 200 pieces known. Very tough, most are corroded and butt ugly. This piece is an honest G5 with a farily strong obv with claims to VG - one of the top 50 pieces known. I skinned a dealer out of this one in the early 90s who dealt in silver and thought it was AG. Bought a run of earlies from him, sold the rest and kept this.


The 21, while not nearly as technically rare (it's R1) is likewise very tough to find nice. Most of them are pitted, corroded, banged-up and grainy. They look like they've been drug down 50 miles of bad road! This one is clean and smooth and a solid XF/AU - probably in the top 100 or so.





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Both are awesome !!! :ninja:

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