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Hi, new member Houston, Texas vicinty

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Well, I am back into coin collecting after many, many years away. First started when I found an 1864 Indian Head Penny in change along about 1954, took it to a local coin shop and he gave me $5 for it, that got me started! Had many nice coins as a youngster but dad was an alcoholic and spent them all, last time I bought any coins St. G's Double Eagles were $50.


My interest now is the state quarters, proofs, and dollar coins from the US including commeratives. (used to buy BU Morgan's for $13, wish those days were back!



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Howdy, Hola, Hello, Namaste, Gutentag, GoodeMiddag, Salaam, G'day, Aloha and Yo...


Welcome. Native Houstonian here (flying back for afew days this wednesday actually). There are a lot of great folks here you will enjoy all the good talk and info! Fair amount of Houston "peeps" as well.



Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, Hermano bebe, que la vida es breve

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