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U.S. commemoratives in upcoming UBS auction


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Living in Switzerland, I rarely if ever have seen so many nice classic commemoratives in one place. All but two of them are in PCGS slabs. Presumably, all were consigned from the same source; however, I haven't confirmed this yet.


In particular, I wonder why this coin was not slabbed? Old Spanish Trail ;)


Looking up this series in my Breen book, it says "(...) Forgeries exist. Authentication recommended."

Looking in my "Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection" book by PCGS (2nd edition), it says on p. 368: "Beware of coins of this kind that are toned down -- the luster may be disguised, but the granular features remain."


I've decided against bidding on this one for the simple fact that there must be a reason for one of the rarest coins in the entire commemorative half series not to be slabbed, while all of the others (except for one Stone Mountain coin) are. I looked at all of these coins in person on this last Wednesday, but since I never held an Old Spanish Trail in my hand before, I couldn't see anything suspicious about it. The toning is much darker and more of a reddish color than the image shows.


What do you think? :ninja:

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