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1839 Poltina, double overdate

RW Julian

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Wow, thanks for the information and the picture!


Unfortunately, overdates seem to be not thoroughly studied. For copper overdates, there is a book of Brekke and Bakken, but silver and gold overdates are in the best case mentioned (like in Severin - "the date is re-engraved"), but no further information provided. Also information about copper overdates is sparse. For example, in first Brekke (1977) he stated that 2 kopek 1774 EM exists only as an overdate. In the supplement of 1997 where the overdates actually should be, this coin mysteriously disappeared. I could not find any further information, what kind of overdate it is (which year). I also looked at my coin but could not see it.


It would be really amazing, if we, here at forum, would create the database for all overdates we possess / know about, with pictures. This project would be truly helpful to anybody.

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