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Looking for a place to sale Canadian coins


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How about right here on these forums? You're getting close to meeting the residency requirements!


Ditto! I'm sure there are some of us here that may be interested in some Canadian coinage. Plus it doesn't cost you a single cent to list them, only your time is involved. Win-win right?

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I did a lot of reading and really like what I saw on this site. I hope I can contribute.


I'd love to find such a place too. I just want to sell my duplicates so I can afford to fill some holes. Trading would be just as good. Why couldn't we start a post of everything we want to buy or sell?


It would be a ton of fun.


What are the "residency requirements"?





I am looking for a place to sale canadian coins beside Ebay,com can someone help me


Thank you andre :ninja:

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