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Mintage Figures for 1980 Olympic Coins


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Yes, mintage unfortunately varied for each one of them.




1977 Emblem 34,070, 24,160 of them proof

1978 Discus 33,256, 19,853 PF

1978 Wrestling 32,556, 18,978 PF

1979 Chariot 26,806, 17,708 PF

1980 Marathon 20,690, 12,870 PF




1977 Emblem 81,752, 38,036 PF

1978 Stadium named after Lenin 107,340, 45,317 PF

1978 Swimming stadium 100,406, 43,253 PF

1979 Cycling 97,126, 42,213 PF

1979 University sports hall 91,506, 38,003 PF

1980 Olympic torch 52,440, 27,820 PF


The only rarest gold coin there appearently is the swimming stadium gold coin as there were a few accidently minted without the year.


All platinum coins were minted in Leningrad mint. Most gold coins were minted in both Moscow and Leningrad mint except the last two gold coins, where there were minted only in Moscow.


Obviously it's not going to be cheap if you are going to go after Mint marks and proof and uncirculated ones!


I'm not going to list the silver ones today as it's a long long list.

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