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Found your first 2007 coin yet?

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Nothing here yet. (Except the Washington dollars but they don't really come in change. I did actually get one for a purchase in the store the other day. Got an SBA too.)

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All I got here so far are a few 2007-D nickels and pennies, and an abused Montana SQ. No Roosies or P mints yet (Closer to Denver here in MO).

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MY first Nederland -Received two of the DUTCH 2 Euro 2007 Europa 50 *specials* in change last night in Maastricht (or very early this morning depending on your point of view). These were my second special 07s after the German one I reported a few weeks ago.


Ciao and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, Flying is easy-pull stick back trees get smaller, push stick forward trees get bigger

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No, that's the CURRENT president you see there. ;)




Suprisingly for the UK no 2007 coins as of yet (Thur 17th May 2007). Usually at least the 5p or one of the commemorative £2's are out by now. There seems to have been a load more shiny 2006 1p's & 50p's released of recent


Seeing, however, that this is the last year that the 1p-50p will have those designs perhaps they will only release a small amount of 2007 dated ones.

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