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Found your first 2007 coin yet?

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Well after last year's success of my "First 2006 thread" :ninja: I thought it was time to report the first 07 finds.


So far none for me but a friend reported 2007 US 1 cent pieces in Texas already.


last year I found my first 06 US pieces (all 1 cents) within three weeks.

Here in Europe I doubt I'll find anything before March but I have two more trips back to the states this month and I hope for some 07s then (and some new state quarters I still haven't found the Dakotas)



Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, Actions speak louder than bumperstickers

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Darnit, I wish I didn't rely so heavily on plastic. You don't get change from plastic!!!


Oh well, just will have to keep checking the register - I spend cash way too easily. :ninja: for lack of blushing smiley...

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