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Recent acquisition to my Nicholas II poltina collection:


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Here is the most recent acquisition to my poltina collection:


1914-BC, type I obverse


Thanks to RW Julian, I was able to spot this one in a recent eBay auction. Unfortunately, there was at least one other bidder who knew that it wasn't the run-of-the-mill variety ;) ... BUT the price I paid wasn't too exhorbitant, at least not by the Kazakov prices from 2004! ;)


There is a nice 1914 second obverse (wide rim, embossed striking) in XF/AU selling right now on eBay for about the same as I paid for this one! :ninja: (I dare not say what I paid for my other 1914 poltina about 2 years ago...nobody would talk to me anymore!)


A nice way to end the year, don't you think?


Я желаю Всем всего хорошего с новым годом!

С сердечным приветом,


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Here is another excellent poltina 1914 (auction end is 1th january 2007):


Thanks, banivechi. This is exactly the same auction to which I was referring in my first message, but didn't post the link to it! :ninja: It is the type 2 poltina.

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