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1883 Hawaiian Hapaha 1/4$


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One I have owned for a long time apparently, but do not remember when I bought it or for how much, all I remember is that it replaced one that had been in jewelry.


I picked this one up last summer.



I think that the inclusion of these issues in the Redbook has added greatly to their popularity. According to that reference, they lost their legal tender status when Hawaii became a US territory in 1900. That change caused many of the 500K mintage for the quarter dollar to be withdrawn and melted. It would be interesting to know how many exist now. Does anyone know where they were minted?

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Either Philadelphia or San Francisco. I believe the dimes were all minted in San Fran. whilst the larger denominations were minted in Philadelphia. There was supposed to be a 12.5¢ coin, but the Philadelphia mint refused to mint it because it meant retooling machinery etc.

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