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World Coin Collection on eBay!


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I have a sizeable portion of my Every Coin of the World Collection on eBay. That collection just is NOT going to happen ;)


There are over 2000 listed coins with another 1000+ unlisted "unsearched" coins. 2 ANACS graded gold coins, and some silver and over 100 countries represented. Going through the Krauss 2004 and other sources, book values of over $1500, but no idea what current book values are at (assuming more). If you'd like to take a look, it's right here.


Auction ends somewhere past midnight on the 2nd and the bid is currently at about $600 as I post this with a number of watchers. It's not the most expensive collection you'll probably ever see, but I spent almost 3 years getting it this far, and I at least am impressed with it :ninja: Not many pics yet, but will get some up over the weekend. Wish me luck and thanks for looking!!

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