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Kopek 1718 in silver - Genuine, novodel or fake?


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Hi guys :ninja: ,


Today I got in a lot an interesting coin - Silverkopek 1718. Unfortunately, the whole lot has been cleaned / polished ;) Other coins are definitely genuine, like e.g. 5 kopek 1911 or kopek 1853 - low-grade stuff.


This one, however, it's interesting. It has been cleaned, has a flan flaw or another defect, difficult to say. There are no casting signs, letters as well as other details build clean 90 Grad angle to the coin surface.


The weight is 0,59 gramm (should be 0,60 g) - thus, normal for this coin. Avers is rotated to the revers by appr. 20 Grad. It has been struck without collar, as it's not absolutely round. The edge is also fully ok. There is also some lamination visible.


What do you think about authenticity of this coin?




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this is my 1718 kopeck. i will scan the obverse when i get home if you want to see it. I have never known if it was a novodel or regular. shown next to my dislexic 1721 polushka for size. kopeck is of upside down L type.


by the way, thanks for the 1758 5 kop, Kisinesh. Just arrived today! You have a very nice web shop!

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