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A few additions to my Victorian Type Set


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More "fast and dirty" shots - better ones later.


1844 Half Farthing




1887 Shilling




1887 Sixpence - Withdrawn type



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All beautiful. Local coin show?


Not this time. I got the Half Farthing from a guy in Greece who sold me a brand new never opened Whitman Bookshelf Album for the Victorian Type Set. The Shilling came from a guy on another forum, and the Sixpence from a forum guy's Ebay auction.

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The amount of times you look at coins, and its only when you see a close up image that you appreciate the detail. I have handled the shilling and sixpence coins previously and have never noticed before today the spotted background in the top right quarter of the shield.


Its true that you learn something new every day!!


Great coins, enjoy them!!

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