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Saw this coind while ready the catalog of unusual coins...a coin minted for the movie 'coming to america'...they are extremely rare.


I believe that this one is one of the coins minted for the movie premiere




I found plenty of what I think are reproductions (below), could be wrong, they could all be reproductions...these I found on ebay:






I would love to have one of the real originals minted for the movie :ninja:

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Unusual world coin catalog says of this coin:


Zamunda (Kingdom Fantasy Coinage)


An imaginary African Kingdom central to the plot of the movie 'Coming to America' staring Eddie Murphy as Price Akeem, heir to the throne of Zamunda. Paramount contracted with the Continental Coin Corp to produce these coins for promotion of the 1988 film. The Copper-Nickel pieces were given out at the California premier, while the gold plated example was struck for use as a prop in the movie. A 100 pound note of the Bank of Zamunda, also bearing the image of Prince Akeem, was produced as a prop for use in the movie.


5 Pound Copper-Nickel date 1988 - Mintage: ? 20-35 USD


5 Pound Brass plated Copper- Nickel date 1988 - Mintage: ? 12.50 - 25.00 USD


5 Pound Gold (Reportedly Struck as a presentation gift to Eddie Murphy - Existance Unconfirmed

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