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This could be a great $25 box!


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That's right folks. The first roll I opened contained TWELVE wheat cents! The best being a 1957-D in AU.


The great thing is, there are four other rolls showing wheat cents on the ends.


Could be my best box of cents yet. Stay tuned!


Edit: Roll #2: FOUR wheaties!


Roll#3: ELEVEN wheaties!!!!!!!

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Wheat Cents so far by date/mint:




1939 x 5

1941 x 10

1944 x 6

1945 x 4




1952-D x 2

1953-D x 1

1957-D x 10


And that's only three rolls! Wonder how so many wheat cents landed in a $25 box?



S Mint




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I am in Ann Arbor anyway, so what is another 40 miles? :ninja:


Well you'd actually have to drive another 115 miles to get to where this box was purchased. ;)


Dad picked it up for me early this week.


Fun fact: I now have 22lbs of post-1982 cents that need wrapped and returned. Will probably be 30lbs by mid next week.

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Roll 4: 10 Wheaties, 1 Canadian


Roll 5: 0 Wheaties........what's going on? Have I lost my luck? We shall continue the search! One S mint though.


Roll 6-10: Zero again? Hmmmm......

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I'm looking for varieties as well so sorting is at a casual pace. Have to check my list, bust out the loupe, get on coppercoins.com, blah blah.


Haven't found a darn thing but it's fun!


Roll 14: 6 Wheats


Roll 15: 1 Wheat

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No clue what roll I'm on.


Found one wheatie, a 1990 Bahamas Cent, and a few really nice coins for my Dansco.



Sounds like a worthwhile search.

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Final total:


54 wheat cents (two of which were steel).

1 Bahamas Cent.

Another 5lbs of pre-1982 cents.


And I have a big bag of 1995, 1998, 1999, and 2000 cents to go through looking for wide/close A.M. and double dies.

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