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I have no idea on the date of this japan 20 sen coin or the value of such a coin ;)





Any info would be helpful ;)



Meiji Yr. 40 (1907). Going clockwise from the "20 Sen", the three first characters are Dai Nippon (Great Japan), followed by the two characters signifying the Emporer (Mutsu-hito in this case, which would be the Meiji era), then the characters signifying the year of the emporer's reign (in this case the characters for "4" and "10". When you have a "10" you multiply the previous character to get the year, then add the next numeric character if one exists. In this case the "10" is the last number, so you get 4x10=40), finally, the last character will be the character signifying "year". So going clockwise it says "* Great Japan * Mutsu hito 4 10 year * 20 Sen" Now that you know how, all you need is an era table and a table of Japanese numbers, and you're set on dating your Japanese coins :ninja:

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And regarding price:


it's 80% silver with a total content somewhere around 1/10 oz. It looks very fine with some luster poking out which would place the value at whatever someone is willing to pay for it :ninja:


It should book today about $6-$7 I would think in that condition provided there are no other problems that I can't see on the coin. Nice piece, where did you get it from?

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