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1954s Breen 2211 US Penny (Very good)

1960 China yuan (Very good)

1858 Turkey 40 Para (Very good)

1929A German 10 Pfennig (Very good)

1946 Tunisie 5 Franc (Very good)

1989 South africa 2 Cent ( Very good)


Dang that US cent (aka penny) is worth over 2 cents all by itself. I can't help myself on this one.

6 no 7 cents


no wait make it 8 cents. :ninja:

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What is a Shill??????????

17 cents



That's a person who artificially runs up the price of an auction item for the seller.

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though I had to sell blood to cover this bid, I am prepared to go to 20 cents.



This is getting pretty rough. Next we'll be having people sell organs to get a piece of this fine auction. I guess I could put my Type Set on the auction block, if needed.



23 cents

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This doesn't end until after Christmas and I almost always get a little change in my stocking. If I recall properly I got 36 cents last year. So I'm still in safe range here.



35 cent.

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Glad I was able to save the poor little cat..... :ninja:;)






as you can see I already started with the leg...so I might as well continue on with this since she has 3 more ;)


43 cents!


PLEASE dont make me go higher or the cat loses another leg ;)

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