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Has auction pioneer eBay lost its allure?

Guest Stujoe

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I'm glad that there's competition to ebay but frankly, I find most of the competition lacking. The inventory at a lot of the smaller/newer sites is minimal. Amazon used to have some decent coins for sale but the last times I checked there, the starting bids were above what I'd be willing to pay. The high bids caused by lack of bidding competition.


Yahoo = ditto.


Overstock = ??? wierd. I just don't get a comfortable feeling even though coins are one of their main items.

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Naaaahhhh, ebay still has its allure for millions of people worldwide. Someday there could be serious competition but it hasn't arrived yet. That sounds funny, I know, coming from someone who isn't much of an ebay booster.

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Google is building a payment system similar to PayPal, but not exactly the same. They were talking about a system with no stored value. All payments flow through the system, but no balances will be stored.




That's the Anton. Thanks for the find.

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Aside from the meager wins on the bay, I always check out the completed items for an up-to-the-date analysis of what's going for what. But, go yahoo, go goog.

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Ebay is the king of the online auction world but that doesn't mean that they

always will be. They have to be careful that they don't get complacent like

IBM when they dominated their market but then found themselves left behind

when they didn't adapt to changing trends fast enough.


That said, I think Ebay will remain on top for quite awhile. One thing working

in their favor is that there is only a limited number of people worldwide

that are even going to be interested in buying or selling in online auctions.


Ebay has so dominated that a serious rival would have to be able to lure

away a lot of sellers who already have a very well established client base on

ebay and a huge number of feedbacks. Many Ebay sellers do dabble in other

auction sites but don't put a huge effort into it because of a lack of bidders.

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