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'Money of the World: Coins That Made History'


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"Whitman Publishing will release a book in 2007 that illustrates

how coins were shaped by the development of Western Civilization—

and how they sometimes helped shape it in turn. 'Money of the World:

Coins That Made History' (320 pgs, hardcover, color; $49.95) will

debut in January at the New York International Numismatic Convention

and will be available nationwide in February.


“The inspiration for this book began more than 40 years ago,” said

coeditor Ira Goldberg, of Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles.

“I was fascinated by the relationship of coinage to money and the

historical importance of the role coins played.”


When a client offered Ira and his cousin Larry Goldberg the chance

to build an unprecedented world-coin collection, they took on the

project with gusto. “For us as coin dealers,” said Larry, “this was

both a dream come true and an unparalleled adventure.”


The Millennia Collection, illustrated throughout the book, tells

the history of Western Civilization through significant coins of the

realm. Each coin had to meet certain criteria before it could be

added to the collection:


1. It must have been struck for commerce

(not as a pattern or commemorative).

2. It had to capture both the beauty and the art of the period.

3. It had to be the largest circulating size or denomination;

therefore, dollars, talers, and gold are frequently showcased.

4. It had to be of superb quality, not just “the best you can get.”

5. Above all, the coin had to have a story to tell."

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Has anyone read this book. It's a candidate for my want list and just wanted to get some firsthand feedback.

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