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The Denver Mint: 100 Years of Gangsters, Gold, and Ghosts


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'The Denver Mint: 100 Years of Gangsters, Gold, and Ghosts' by Lisa Ray

Turner and Kimberly Field has recently been published by Mapletree

Publishing Company, Denver, CO. From the book's web page:


"This is the most comprehensive book ever published about the Denver

Mint. It takes readers from the days when gold dust was legal tender

in the dusty frontier town of Denver to the present when the Mint is

a world-class facility that makes most of our coins. History buffs will

love the book’s historical highlights while casual readers will enjoy

seeing how the cultural events and trends influenced money and life at

the Mint.


"The book provides a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the Denver

Mint — entertaining stories of colorful characters, controversial coins,

and the creative artists behind the nation’s coinage. It covers

everything from workday life at the Mint to tales of gangsters and

dramatic gold transfers."


The 192-page illustrated softcover book is available from the

publisher for $18.95 postpaid. For more information, see:


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