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1969 Philippine aluminum 1 sentimo (Fine)

1988 South korea 100 Won (cleaned, very good)

1958 Peru one cent (Very good)

1975 Spain Una Pesta (Cleaned, Very good)

1978 Netherland 25 Cent (Cleaned, very good)

1955 japan aluminum yen (Very good)


Figure I can save on shipping.......3 cents.


Saving on shipping is a good idea, especially if funds are a major issue at any given point in time. I consolidated all of my orders from the US Mint this past year and paid just $4.95 for shipping & handling rather than $4.95 per item. A good savings.


I'm going to give this one a try.


6 cents.

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How can I save on shipping if you out bid me?

7 cents


Well, first, if I win then you don't have to pay any shipping charges. And B you could always get Colin to consolidate all of your winnings and mail them once every six months.

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Thanks Art but I prefer my way.


10 cents :ninja:



I certainly understand that. Unfortunately I think I need a few of these coins for my world collection.


13 cents

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Hopefully Doc is out walking the picket line.


So let's see. If I skip putting anything in Rocky's stocking and we all share a sweet potatoe for Christmas Dinner -- we eat too much meat and too many starches anyway.


OK! I can do it.


23 cents.

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Pssst. Has Art left for work yet?


I hope he has to work overtime today.

25 cents


Congratulations Doc. You got it.


Another nice auction Colin. Thanks.

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