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Hi guys,

I'm willing again to donate the money I earn for the coins to charity;for helping the poor in my neighbourhood and for the renovation of the church. In this auction I will sell 19 old austrian coins:

-1 Kreutzer 1762K

-6 Kreutzer 1800E

-20 Kreutzer 1831A

-1 Heller 1895

-2 Heller 1904

-2 Heller 1908

-20 Heller 1894

-1 Corona 1893

-1 Corona 1908

-1 Groschen 1927

-10 Groschen 1925

-10 Groschen 1925

-10 Groschen 1925

-10 Groschen 1925

-10 Groschen 1925

-200 Groschen 1924

-0,5 Shilling 1925

-2 Shilling Schubert 1928

-25 Shilling 1967 Maria theresia (proof)

The auction starts at 30 Dollars, so for each coin about 1,5 Dollars. The shippingcosts are for priority shipment to the USA 3 Dollars.I've included pics of the half Shilling, the 2 Shilling from Schubert and the 25 Shilling coin.After this auction ends I will make a new auction with some other coins.It will end on the 24th. of december at 11.00 PM GMT.






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