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The disappearing £5 note


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The £5 note is becoming an endangered species. An unannounced decision by banks over the past two years not to offer them in cash machines has resulted in a shrinking supply.


The Bank of England produced 63 million last year, the lowest figure on record and down 73% in five years.


But it insists that it still supplies all the notes requested by the High Street banks. Official figures suggest the number in use has stayed around the same over the last five years at just over a billion.



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Interesting HSBC (Midland) Bank did put the Elizabeth Fry ones in cash mchines once they were first released, but stopped doing so shortly after, perhaps they should do a polymer not next time round when the F Series is designed


Is the 5 pounds scarcer ( produce the least ) among the rest of the denominations ?



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My wife & I always convert about £150 to fivers every month (convenience only) and have never found any difficulty - but they are getting tattier every time! :ninja:



Agreed the Fry notes look worse than the Stevenson notes, I think when the Series F version is being designed they should really consider a polymere note

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I think they are trying to get everyone to use the £2 coins instead. Judging by the supermarkets, they are not succeeding. I don't think they'll print longer lasting notes while they have a chance getting the coin accepted more. :ninja:


Depends really, most of the time in East London they give you four £1 coins rather than two £2 coins in change from a fiver.


I can't see the £5 coin taking off actually, thinking about it seeing as the £2 coin has taken off, although not in all parts of the country I couldn't see the £5 coin fairing well, plus it leaves the UK with only £10, £20 & £50 notes, which I could hardly see them doing

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Well if they do (and I hope they don't as that means I'll be only able to collect £10's & £20's from the UK in future) they could do a six sided coin like Alderney are doing for the 60th Wedding anniversary of the wedding of Lizzie & Phillip, just make it smalled than the £2 coin, bigger than a £1 coin and thicker than a £1 coin


Image from the Royal Mint's website




That would work well I personally think

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