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I found a better example of my pocket piece


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I've been carrying a token/medal of local interest for a few years now...All the while looking for a better example. I found one today at an area antique shop. It has been polished a bit at some time in it's history, but still has decent detail and allows me to see what my pocket piece looked like before 70+ years of wear took it's toll.


The piece was originally silver washed or plated, about 34mm in diameter and produced for The Marathon County Wisconsin Homecoming/Washington Bi-Centennial celebration. I don't know whether or not the piece is listed as a so-called dollar, but I've seen the washington design on other medals of the period, most notably on one from Green Bay, WI.





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;) I don't think that I'll carry the new one in my pocket, but I've already instructed my son that he needs to take over the old one in the event of my passing. :ninja:


Supposedly there's some of these still around (at least according to the local coin dealers), but nobody seems to be getting any in when they buy out estates, etc. I'd like to find one more, but will probably be waiting for a bit. Not that it's rare or anything...only of local interest. I also found one of the original signs from the 1932 event hanging in an old gas station that someone converted into a retro hamburger shop.

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