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Looking for a trust worthy seller for this one

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This worked well last time so I thought I would try again.


I am looking to buy a reale with carolus III...the typical big nosed variety but I want to make sure I buy the real deal and not a fake. can someone point me in the right direction, I was hoping to avoid the perils of e-bay on this one but if you know of a few on e-bay that are genuine then I can go that route.


similar to this one




I am a bit iffy when judging the authenticity of these coins which is why I am looking for advice.


it doesnt have to be in the best of shape though the portrait should be pretty good.

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If you don't mind waiting for the auction (the next one is on January 12-13) check out Ponterio at

http://www.ponterio.com/. I participated in many of their auctions and they usually have a lot of Mexican and other Spanish colonial coins. I don't think there is any risk of buying a fake Real from them.

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