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Hi guys,

I'm willing to donate the money I earn for the coins to charity;for helping the poor in my neighbourhood and for the renovation of the church. In this auction I will sell 10 old russian coins:

-1 Kopek 1912

-1 Kopek 1913

-3 Kopeks 1930

-10 Kopeks 1932

-10 Kopeks 1939

-10 Kopeks 1940

-15 Kopeks 1931

-15 Kopeks 1931

-15 Kopeks 1932

-20 Kopeks 1914

The auction starts at 8 Dollars, so for each coin 0,80 Dollars. The shippingcosts are for priority shipment to the USA 1,5 Dollars.I've included a picture of the 20 Kopeks coin.After this auction ends I will make a new auction with some other coins.It will end on the 17th. of december at 11.00 PM GMT.





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