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1811 EM 2 kopeks reeded edge version


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I recently got this coin:




And it has the edge of this:




Nice grade, Uzedenikov has marked it as scarce and I don't believe I have seen many examples of it, so I'm happy with the price I paid for.


It seems that in 1811, this is the ending of the reeded edge of 2 kopeks. Why? Is it because people found that out copper prices were too low (hence scrapping copper was worthless) and milling such coins were too expensive and hence the mints started to abandon them? :ninja:


(People here always know more stuffs than what I know, even some of the most obvious coins ;) )

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Congratulation! This is a great example of this scarce coin. I specifically collect 1811 by variations, but my exemplar is much worse. It is not hard to find this variant, but it is extremely hard to find it in a decent condition. If I ever show something you like, offer this one for a trade. :ninja:

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