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American Eagle Exchange / Interbank Depository Corp


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Be on the lookout for telephone calls from a company calling itself American Eagle Exchange or Interbank Depository Corp.


As an investor and collector of American Eagle and Buffalo coins for some years now, I receive phone calls all the time from "financial advisors" hoping to sell me coins. I recently received a call from one such advisor, who identified himself as Peter Anthony, an IRA specialist with Interbank Depository Corp a division of American Eagle Exchange.


I listened to the guy's pitch and immediately got suspicious when he told me of a new program to purchase American Eagle coins for my IRA - I've been doing this for sometime - but what made me suspicious was he told me his company was the only one doing this. First Lie!


I kept listening to draw out more information when he told me that his offices were located in Naples Florida at 1068 Hampton Circle. As I was sitting at my computer, I went to Yahoo Maps and put in the address, the photo came back with an aerial of a residential community. When I asked him if this was a home or office building, he said it was an office building. Second Lie!


When I asked about the companies credibility, he told me that they were members of the BBB, the ANA and were authorized dealers for PCGS and NGC. Needless to say, these were all lies also.


I then told him I was a Naples resident and after checking him out would probably do business with him - he immediately hung up the phone. He had called my Michigan home telephone number which forwards to my Naples home from November to May.


So after doing more research, this is what I've found:

Peter Anthony is actually Peter A. Portuese a convicted felon in the state of Florida who was just released from prison on 7/22/2006 (see attachment). American Eagle Exchange and Interbank Depository Corp has no business papers filed in the state of Florida. Apparently, he runs this boiler room operation with his wife Maryann Portuese. I have no idea if they actually deliver coins or not, but anyone receiving a call from these entities should be suspicious. The phone number that was captured on my caller id was 239-643-2809

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Welcome to CoinPeople !!!


Thanks for that information. It sounds like you could be a private investigator if you ever decide to quit your day job ... :ninja:

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