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Your 2007 Coin Collecting Goals


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The thread that has given us all a chance to review our 2006 accomplishments against our goals for the year has proven very interesting and helpful for me. So here's the change to get a leg up on your 2007 goals. What are you planning for the coming year? Diversify, consolidate, new projects, status quo?

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Not much changes:

1.Add to/finish/upgrade the U.S. Type set

2.Same thing for my Portuguese Type Set

3.May start picking up VF-XF Barber quarters & halves. No real goal, just grabbing nice examples

4.Maybe whittle down some of my extras

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My goals for 2007:


1) Expand my collection of bimetallic coins

2) Expand my collection of polymer banknotes.

3) just buy anything coins and banknotes that I find interesting.

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Hey, I already staked that claim! :ninja: If you know any decent online source, let me know.


Art, what about yours?



Still formulating mine. I've changed my collecting direction quite a bit and expanded into other US series that I want to continue with. The basics:


1) Continue FE/IHC raw collection

2) Continue Lincoln GEM and Jefferson GEM collections

3) Acquire proof sets, silver proof sets, mint sets starting at 2005 and working backwards to fill slots in all current albums.

4) 2007 GEM BU ASE

5) Organize my World Coins

6) Organize my banknotes

7) Continue one coin/one banknote per country collection.

8) Continue on Anniversary Dates Signature Set

9) Continue on US Type Sets


Actually that's about it.

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I think I've narrowed my focus well for next year


1. Acquire Dupuis metals and complete an article on the man and his work

2. Acquire coins and historical information about Koln, Dortmund, Soest, and Paderborn about 1000-1500

3. Be on the look out for Minnesota Civil war store cards and obsolete banknotes

4. Continue to deacquisition the rest of my coins

5. Complete the coin prices database and work on more web projects

6. Attend the Chicago ICF and the Milwaukee summer ANA

7. Buy and read more books

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Early American medals, focus on the Comitia Americana.

Celtiberian collection.

The Celtic Pixtilos series and the Republican Roman prototypes.

San Francisco Midwinter Exposition collection.

Interesting aluminum pieces.

French jetons and the evolution of allegorical symbolism.

My numismatic library.


Whatever strikes my fancy.


Its a year to write a few articles.

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#1. Continue to enjoy the hobby/meet new people/learn more (especially my AT detection).

#2. Complete 50% of my Type Set in the grades I want.

#3. Keep working hard on my Lincoln and Mercury Dime sets.

#4. Branch off into ancient coins a little more.

#5. More shows!

#6. Organize all my stuff (working on that right now).

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1. Maintain my completed collections.

2. Complete Washington Quarters collection.

3. Decide which of the Presidential Series I plan to collect, and collect them.

4. Do some reading on banknotes since that is a new area of interest just acquired.

5. Continue to work with our six Grandkids in hopes of getting them interested in collecting.

6. Attend another ANA Convention.

7. Up-Date some Numismatic books such as Red Book, World Coins.

8. Buy Dansco Albums for Aussie 20 cent and 50 cent pieces, and complete that collection.

9. Complete Aussie Kookaburra Collection.

10. Complete Aussie Lunar Coin Collection.



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Well, being a world class flake, I'm probably revising everything. Again.


I'm probably going to liquidate everything except my U.S. Type Set (that I just restarted after selling the other almost complete one!!!), and my Victorian Type Set (although keeping that one is still "iffy" at this point), and a handful of my favorite British Conder Tokens.


Then, I intend to get back into early U.S. coppers - large cents and half cents (partial sets of both of those I sold last year) doing half cents by date, large cents by date, and expanding the large cents later on to specialize in middle dates (1816 - 1839) by variety.


Yeah, right.


I might just start collecting Beanie Babies ... :ninja:

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My goals for 2007 are as follows.


1.) Finish my ASE Proof set. (5 more needed)

2.) Finish my Modern Commemoratives Proof set. (15 more needed)

3.) Continue looking for Silver Panda's. I would like to have a complete set by the end of 2007.

4.) Increasee my world coin collection.

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