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mystery coin ??!!!!

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hi folks new member here not actually a coin collector but i do have an old coin dating back to1752 . its gold in colour and weighs 3.5g and is the same size as a one pence pice. it has the words frank.d.g.r.i.s a.ger.ier.rex on the front with a feminin looking guy and on the reverse it has mea.1752. tu domine spes with what looks like a double headed eagle with a crown holding a sword in each leg with a shield as the body of the bird. dose anyone out there have any idea as to where this has come from , what it is and wether or not it has a value ?

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hi guys thanks for the feed back, going by the amount of people who have came across with the same coin it looks like the coin i have is one of these austrian ducat. its a bit heavier than what you have suggested, but probably in too good a condition to be the real thing. thanks for your help anyway.....

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