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Wheat penny I got.


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Here is a penny I got as change, it's a 1941 wheat penny, I couldn't believe I finally found ANY wheat penny.


I am quite interested in a mark under the word 'Trust' on the head side of the coin, it looks like a stylish D of some sort.


I gently removed some green junk off of the coin which I presume was a type of rust and it looks OK now, the penny is rather dark red or brown in color and in relatively good condition.


Is it worth anything? or should I not even bother selling it on Ebay and keep it for my self?


Thanks! :ninja:

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I would venture to say I have gotten more Wheat in change this last year than any other year since I was a kid. I have gotten 4 of them in change in the last week, a 1937, a 1945, a 1947-D and an AU 1950-D last night. I think it has to do more with the Coinstar phenomenon with people cleaning out accumulations of coins.

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Thanks for the welcome, my wife's aunt got me into coins when she said how much money they were going for on Ebay :ninja:


But now I can look beyond what they are worth and appriciate them, I might just start collecting them.

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