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Does this toning look natural to you?


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I recently purchased this nickel off Ebay. It was listed as "SMS Toned Nickel". For a few bucks I went for it.


The fiels are highly reflective and it looks like some cameo on the obverse.


Is this toning NT or AT? I can't even come close to deciding. Will try to get a decent shot of the reverse tonight. Need to find my key to the lock box.



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It looks natural to me, but can be reproduced with certain chemicals. I've never tried to tone nickel before personally, maybe I'll toss a nickel into the vat at school to try it out, but this look is easily obtained with silver, coppers a little trickier....very reactive. Meh, nice natural coin to me though, although maybe a storage issue like mentioned above.

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Neet looking coin. How much was it?


$2. The seller's image was basically a very blurry 2x2 with TONED written on it real big.


The image was darkened to really show off the colors. If I left it "as is" the colors look very light.

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