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Tell me the painful truth


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With the deep discussion of the counterfeit Borodin ruble, I don't believe mine is genuine after looking at all the high quality counterfeits. That as well, I kind of doubt if my Column rubles are genuine either.


Make my day by telling me that they are all counterfeits since I bought the worn 1834 and the Borodin ruble for the price of what some fools would pay for a counterfeit. :ninja: I wouldn't be totally suprised if all of them turned out to be counterfeits. Painful to learn but it can happen.


These are what I have at omnicoin right now:








I agree that the photos are a bit out of focus but I don't have them with me at the moment. Probably I can only get to see them another half an year later or even longer. Otherwise all I have is just some pictures that I have with me at the moment.


High resolution will be posted later...

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well i dont know about the first 1 but the 2nd and 3rd coins are fake. in the second pic any 1 can c that the coin is way to shiney for its on good :ninja:. and in the third pic the coin has a diff pic on it and its still a bit shine. u can also compare the forehead of the pic they are a bit different and the writting doesnt line near the chin one coin its a bit closer to the chin and in another its a bit farther. also the writings in the 2nd coin is bigger.

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