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Canada Half Penny Tokens

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:ninja: Those have nice toning


I read somewhere that these marks on some of the tokens were from the merchants striking them to see if they were real, is this true?

one of the strikes is located under the U, they are on several of my tokens




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Here is a small sampling from my collection (most aren't photographed yet):


Bust & Harp issued in Lower Canada c. 1826 (5.6g) Grade AU+

Nobody took credit for these lightweight brass tokens, but there were everywhere in Lower Canada from the mid 1820s through most of the 1830s



Bank of Montreal Un Sous (half penny) issued in Lower Canada c. 1835 (8.1g) Grade EF+.

This was a bank issue, but still illegal in the eyes of Britain. At least it is made of copper and has a little more weight than the Bust & Harp above.



Starr & Shannon issued in Halifax Nova Scotia 1815 (6.1g) Grade EF+.

A nice copper engraved and minted by John Sherriff in Liverpool for Nova Scotia hardware merchants Starr & Shannon.



Bank of Upper Canada issued in Province of Canada 1854 (8.2g) Grade BU.

Often mistaken for Upper Canada tokens, this was issued after Upper and Lower Canada were united to form the Province of Canada. The name refers to the bank that issued this series. This was a quality series, and the last tokens before Canada went decimal and got official coinage. The St. George series of pennies and half-pennies were minted by the Royal Mint and Ralph Heaton's mint.



Ships Colonies Commerce (American Flag) issued in Prince Edward Island c. 1829 (4.2g) Grade aEF

A large series with many varieties, but only the first two have an "American" flag, both of which were minted by Wright & Bale in New York. The other example has the Wright & Bale mint mark.



No Labour No Bread issued in Upper Canada c. 1830 (6.0g) Grade VF

One of the many tokens with a political slogan. This series was issued by a grocer in Upper Canada.



That's only a sampling of the variety available!

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Two quite different looks of the same year token:







They certainly have different appearances - both are really beautiful.

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And they call both "brown". Are they both brown in hand?


Nope. The first one is quite blue, the 2nd is quite red/brown, with some hints of iridescence.


The colors in my photos are true to their in hand colors.

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