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Christmas is coming!!! sale

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I am trying to get rid of some stuff, and generate some cash-flow to buy some more stuff that I want.


I am going to start with moving out the banknotes. My collection can be seen here, on BankNoteBank.com. Everything is for sale, with the exception of the southern Slavic states (Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Yugoslavia), and the CP notes aren't for sale (although I do have a few extra pieces available, PM for details). Instead of setting prices for each piece, I will negotiate with any offers I receive. Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than fair, so don't be afraid to make a low offer (but please don't be too insulting!). I have more notes that I haven't added to BNB, yet. I will try to at least get a list of what pieces I have, if not getting scans done.


As always, I prefer PayPal, will accept check/money orders from US banks, and am always willing to make generous trades for coins from my wantlist.

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