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BE: 175 Years Dynasty - Two Gold Coins


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This year Belgium celebrates "175 years of dynasty". The country became independent in 1830, and one year later had its first king (Leopold I). The Belgian mint issues two gold coins on that occasion - including one that has a somewhat unusual face value and size.


This is the 12 1/2 euro coin:


The face value of 12.5 corresponds to 500 fr (the franc/frank was the first currency of the kingdom) and to the weight of 1.25 grams. This is a very small (Ø 14 mm) but affordable (probably €59) coin.


The 100 euro coin continues the series of gold pieces with that denomination:


The two images are from the new issue (#42) of the mint magazine.


That magazine, available in Dutch and French, has more information about the two coins and some background material:

MuntInfo (Dutch) http://treasury.fgov.be/intermunt/MUNTINFO...42-NL%20new.pdf

MonnaieInfo (French) http://treasury.fgov.be/intermunt/MUNTINFO...42-FR%20new.pdf


Nice coins, but I don't really collect gold, so ...



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really nice it is from my fav vacation country ;) i wish the coin will still be there next summer when i go to visit my moms frnd. if its still there i will try to get both.



Hey, I am from Belgium. Maybe I can help you on the search when you're here? :ninja:





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