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how to know if ur coin is a Counterfeit or not


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<This material appears to come from an ANA talk by Dennis J. Kroh. It probably should not have been reproduced inside a post and the author should definitely be acknowledged. Here is a link to the whole presentation -> Kroh ANA talk - it is, in my opinion, a nice presentation and a worthwhile read.>


<EDIT - akdrv. Thanks to syzygy for pointing this out>

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The above methods might work for the older generation counterfeited coins but there are some alarming counterfeits these few years that even the major TPGs are having problems distinguishing from the super high counterfeits.


The problem is even made worse for some ultra rare coins as often there would be limited reference as well as little exposure to the type of coins one might be exposed to. The Korean 5 yang, Russian platinum rubles, some of the rarer Italian liras etc are all prone to super high counterfeits as you are talking about coins that are worth several grand.

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