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Dollars and other things

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PM me if interested. $2.00 delivery for any or all...


1922-S Peace dollar, AU with neat lamination error on left side of obverse. Some irridescent toning on both sides - $18.00 (SOLD)






1879-CC Morgan dollar, nice original G/VG, but has a couple small dinks on the obverse rim that have rubbed and are shiney because they're sticking up higher - $70.00


1886-S Morgan dollar, original VG with a small E scratched in the right obverse field long ago (it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, but it's there) - $25.00


1956 Candian dollar AU/BU, a little toning on the reverse, reflective surfaces - $15.00

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1934-S Peace dollar, nice problem free VF+, lustre remaining around the devices - $75.00





1934 Peace dollar, at first glance it appears to be a high grade, lustrous BU coin, but upon closer inspection you can see that it has been wiped or whizzed and has fine hairlines. If you were thinking of buying a MS65 at $900.00, buy this one for $25.00 and save yourself enough money to buy beer this week.


1890-S Morgan dollar, AU55 or so, original surfaces with some nice colors on the obverse when turned in the light - $25.00


1891-S Morgan dollar, XF40, original surfaces - $20.00


Silver half dollars - $4.50 each:

1962-D, XF+

1952-D, VF

1954-D, VF

1954-D, XF

1959-D, XF

1960-D, XF

1960-D, XF

1961-D, XF+

1945, XF+ (SOLD)

1943, XF (SOLD)

1943-S, VF (SOLD)


1853 arrows and rays quarter, F (numerous rim dings) - $8.00 (SOLD)


1900 Barber half dollar, VG+ (only parts of the B and E in LIBERTY are visible) - $12.00


1857-O seated dime, VG original-a couple old lighter scratches, $6.00


1875 dime seated dime, G+ original - $10.00 (SOLD)


1858 SL flying eagle cent, G - $12.00 (SOLD)


1909 liberty nickel, VG+ (all letters but the I in LIBERTY) are visible - $2.00


1890 liberty nickel, nice AG - $2.00


1921 sixpence, darker originally toned, VF or so - $2.00

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