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Picked this up at the Baltimore show for $22. Licinius bronze.

Obv: IMP LICINIUS PF AUG, Bust right


TS (lambda) in exergue (is that Thesalonica and is that lambda? - can't remember and too lazy to look)


Ordinairly, I would have passed on this because I already have a Licinius / Jupiter (and several Constantine I / Jupiters) in my small collection. Those are in better shape as well. But this one has been clearly double struck.


If authentic, this is the oldest error I can remember seeing. Not so rare or valuable, but pretty interesting.



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Neat! Too bad about the blue stuff, though.


The exergue to me looks like dot T S dot gamma dot


Agreed about the blue :ninja: and it is there to stay but hopefully not get worse. Given the choice of better condition but undoubled, I had to go with the doubled.


TS should be Thessalonica with the rest denoting offinas I am thinking.

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Cool, double strikes are kind of nifty. Thessalonica opened in 298AD so that seems quite likely to be the mint. To see some other ancient coin striking errors including a double strike see Doug Smiths

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