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Price Check - Panama 1947 Balboa


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I JUST bought one of these nice little coins (1/4 not 1), the detailing on the portrait is outstanding. I assume it is a 1 balboa...I cannot tell you exactly the price since I dont have the newest but:




XF - 8+ USD

UNC - 16+ USD


0.7735 ASW


Might be more these days...


the one I bought was from 1953 and it is a 1/4 balboa (looks much the same on obv with a crest on reverse marking 50 yrs. of Republic) which also has silver in it KM19 0.1809 ASW




mine is well circulated though so I got it for pretty cheap :ninja:

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Yeah, thats the one... KM13 1 balboa though the auction is only showing the reverse...I would say the price as it is right now is cheap for that coin if it doesnt get bumped and it IS in great condition as far as I can tell...its easily worth 10-12 dollars or more.

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