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Thruppence Rev.

Thruppence Obv.

This is a threepence of George V 1920. It was regularly added to the Christmas Pudding mix and the person getting it in their portion on Christmas Day was deemed to be lucky (provided they didn't swallow it - when they'ld have to wait to see 'their luck'). Commonly called a "Thrupenny Dodger or Diddler" they represented a goodly amount of sweets once the shops opened again.

Tanner Rev.

Tanner Obv.

This is a Sixpence (or 'tanner') of Elizabeth II 1963 and was routinely put in the toe of the Christmas stocking hanging by the fire (to be followed by an apple, orange, sweets and a selection of nuts), again useful when the sweetshop reopened after the holidays.

I just thought someone would like to try and follow the tradition!

I've come up with a "guess the date" quiz, and the winner will get the thruppence and the next person will get the tanner. Here goes-

What month and year did I enlist in the Armed Forces? The only clues I'll give are -

I am 76 years old

I served for 32 years in the Royal Air Force. (you should be able to eliminate a large slice of time from that!

I'll close the competition at 1 p.m. (GMT) on Sunday 18th November (2006 of course :ninja: )

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July 1948 was when you enlisted in His Majesties Royal Air Force, and gees, think, you probably saw Spitfires, Lancasters not to mention Gloster Meteors. And then you retired duly ca. 1980.

During 5 years as aircrew I did fly in the Lancaster - and Lincolns, Wellingtons but mainly P2V5 and P2V7 "Neptunes". I don't think you aircraft historians out there would get much help from that bit of extra info! :ninja:


I'm not going to give you any idea who is closest yet!!

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March, 1948.



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