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Canada 2006 Medal of Bravery 25c - Done!


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I want one. . . .

Once upon a time in the not so distant past a brash young man named Stujoetta was having a problem with his feminine name so he decided he would try to joke about it as much as possible and decided to ask his friend and confidant what can I do about my name? So, with a dash of bravado, this cunning young man called upon his feisty lover, a somewhat depressed girl named Jessica Amy, who told him to go get his name changed to something better the big greenie! was all he could get for a name, so he started to change his important documents to "the big Greenie" But when it came to the Coin People site he said, "Wait, I can't change my name here. Nobody will know me!" I'll be Stujoe here and rule the site! Members will throw Barber Dimes at me to show their appreciation of my greatness!" But his delusions were brief because little did he know hisssssssssssssssssssss fame would be fleeting and his flight would be flown as ....bad as the clipped wings of a parakeet!!! So, with poetic license in his pants and his pants on backwards, he set out on a quest to find the lost city of Mcdoo land. There he would find all the Churchill pygmies formed in a circle, sitting cross-legged on the grass, beating on cylinders made of cardboard. Stujoe said, to nobody in general, "Why in the world would there be pygmies beating on oatmeal boxes here? Well, that's it, I am outta here and heading post haste to Find a stack of Hell notes with a love letter from some chick in England that loved to sit naked in a bathtub full of jello and write poetry to the tune of, "I'm a little tea pot.

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Enter me please.


I gotta think of story.......


OK, Got one. Special for veterns day. My dad was too young to serve during WWII But joined the Army Aircorp in Sept '45. He spent his 2 yrs of service (got out before Korea) all in the US as a chaplins assistant(Alter boy). His service story is about he and a buddy out on the town in an open side jeep. They took a corner to sharp and the buddy who was driving lost his grip and slid out the side. He yelled "Grab the wheel" as he tumbled out. My dad tried to hop over into the drivers seat but over estimated the distance and followed his buddy out the side of the jeep. :ninja:

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count me in.. i also want one ;-)


I am from the Philippines.. and just recently, there had been news that there are 5peso and 10peso FAKE COINS that are circulating in our cities. The government has already caught some of the people that are distributing this fake coins.. Since, I want to have 1 of those fakes for collection purposes, I started to buy somethings from store to store hoping that one of change coins is fake. But 3 weeks has already passed and still my search for the fake coins has not been achieved. So I decided not to look for them anymore..


Then one day, My friends and I are planning to eat our lunch in a "carenderia" or a foodstand where food are sold for only a cheap or shall I say a reasonable price. The food was great and the bill was affordable.. When the time came to pay for the bill, I took out 50 pesos (banknote) and pay my food for only 35pesos. The owner of the foodstand handed me 3 pieces of 5 peso coins. and noticed that 1 of them is quite unusual. The obverse was blurred the man on it has no eyes, the color of the coin differs from the rest of the 2 coins and the writings has a blotted effect and it was much lighter in weight than the others..and as what I've heard from the news, these are the basis on how to tell if the coin is fake or not.


This time I realized that what I have now in my hand was a FAKE.. and you just dont know how glad I was ;-)...imagine, looking for it and not finding any and then when you decided to stop, it lands unexpectedly in your own hand..:-)


And that "5peso coin" is already kept in my collections..;-)

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Count me in please.


So maybe I will organise my collection finally. I am finally getting around to putting all my recent, ie in the last few years! German coins away and organising them. The whole load of coins that came from Tabbs is now in the process of being cataloged, plus the 3 RM commem of the Graf Zeppelin from 28plain now has a new more comfy home.


And whilst I was doing that, I perused my Iberian lovelies, from sunny warm Portugal, all early 20th century, and thoughts cross my mind that I still need to find a nice original blast white 1915-16 Escudo coin. Portuguese coins are something I would have never really thought of collecting until I had to have a 4 Centavos from 1917 to grace my collection. But then it only fanned the flames of desires for more, so then came more minors, and silver, then later dates. Muito Obrigado JoseMartins, good job of creating this interest. Researching the Portuguese coins, makes me now want to visit Portugal.


Earlier whilst digging out everything I was counting out all the 5 and 10 Euro coins that Trantor_3 has sent, my those Dutch are prolific silver commem issuers, at face value no less. Now I like buying face value silver, and having such lovely Dutch commems too.


And then there was the 5 Euro from San Marino, a gift last Christmas from the City by the Bay, now that was a lovely commem - in proof and from one of my favourite countries.


And a bit ago I played with the Ivan IV wire money coins that I bought from CCG a couple of years ago. I really need to ID them and holder them all and distribute them to the wee coin hoarders in my midst.

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I would like in please :ninja:


Also an interesting story... how about some interesting information?


The Playstation 3 comes out here in the US this friday Nov 17th. The 60GB hard drive version is selling for ~$600 and the 20GB hard drive version is ~$500. Preorders for these sold out in hours if not minutes. The preorders are selling on ebay for $1500-$3000. The supply is way to low for the demand on these. Something like 400,000 for launch and no word on any after that. The reason sony gives is the time it takes to manufacturer the Blue Ray lasers.


The Nintendo Wii hits the US on Nov 19th. Retail $250. Nintendo promised 1-2 million at launch and 1-2 million more by Christmas. I will be playing the Wii for hours apon hours.



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I'm in!


Once upon a time there was a young turtle named CCG who was in a race with a bunny named Tiffi. Tiffibunny raced along the course collecting coins like mad while CCG had a more slow and steady habit of collecting his coins. The moral of this story, no matter who gets to the finish line first, everyone is a winner at CoinPeople!

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oh well here i go count me in but i am gonna right a poem from robert frost instead of a story i hope u like it (i like the last 4 sentences)



Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening


Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound's the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

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