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Belgium 2 eurocent 2000 - filled 2 in the date

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I found a complete roll of these, and if anyone wants one, I can send it to you for the postage fee ($1 worldwide). A swap is even better, ofcourse!


They are already 3 years in the airtight coinholders, and look still crispy new.


See pics as example









Spread the news :ninja:





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Good collection,Hope it start in 2000 to 2006 and in all denominations it will be great it you complete that set.


I have no intention to do that. I like the earlier coins more, (1832-2001) when they were still francs.

I don't like the Euro. There are too many people that collect those, and the nice ones are not affordable.


So finding this roll of diechips was nice, but not great. I would have liked a roll of francs with a similar diechip though ;)


If you want one, let me know :ninja:



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YES I like those blob,by the way belg how do you acquire those rolls really interested.


Yes they are expensive, especially countries that few coins release in circulation and have to buy mint set, it is expensive 15 euro up per set



Anyone who likes to have one, send me a PM with your address and the preferred way to pay the huge amount of $1.



I found this roll by accident. I'm really not interested in the EURO. I am more a fan of the Belgian Franc!





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